30 things before 30

I’m trying thirty new things every day for a month before I turn 30 . . .

#2: Eat an apple dumpling

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I have a rotten cold that is hampering my ability to taste anything.  But this evening we had apple sausages and apple dumplings purchased at yesterday’s festival that needed to be eaten so I carried on with the task of making dinner.  I made a a light pasta dish with earthy tarragon, creamy ricotta, fresh sugar snap peas, and some frozen green peas thrown in for good measure.  It looked lovely.  It tasted like . . . absolutely nothing.

Pasta with peas = D-, yuck!

Pasta with peas = D-, yuck!

Disappointed but determined to stay the course, I bit timidly into my apple sausage.  I had prepared the links with spicy whole grain mustard and some wonderfully crunchy sauerkraut on top.  The verdict?  A mouth-puckering sour flavor that overpowered any subtle apple or pork flavor my smell-less self could have made out.  Definitely not bland like the pasta salad but not exactly ideal (I happen to adore anything sour and have been known to eat entire jars of pickles in one day).

What would become of the doughy and plump little apple dumplings we purchased from a baker at the festival?  I’ve never had a dumpling before (new thing #2!) and so I was worried that my illness would ruin my first impression.

I dove into the slightly warmed dessert, scooping up a bit of the pumpkin and vanilla ice creams I’d garnished the pastry with . . . chew . . . chew . . . heaven!  The doughy wrapper was tender and slightly sweet while the whole apple nestled inside was simply sugary, cinnamon-y, tangy goodness.

Apple dumplings = A-okay!

Apple dumplings = A-okay!

Lesson learned: When you have a cold, your senses of sweet and sour seem to keep going strong while your salty and bitter tastebuds loose their steam.  Next time I get sick I’m skipping the chicken noodle soup and going right for the Twizzlers and pickles.

Written by danamuses

October 5, 2008 at 8:48 pm

Posted in turning 30

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